How to Find the Best Gaming Mouse: The Definitive Guide

If you are seriously looking for the Holy Grail of Gaming Mice, then let me be the first to say there’s no such thing. Sure, some people will say that their mouse is the best, others will swear by theirs, but the truth is, no single mouse can lay claim to being the best.  Let me tell you why, and maybe you’ll even learn a trick or two on your quest to find the best gaming mouse for you.

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How to Find the Best Gaming Mouse That Meets Your Needs?

It’s probably safe to say that as a serious gamer, your computer specs are all maxed out (within your budget, of course); then again, so have most of the competition.  The difference between (virtual) life or death, between winning or losing, may just depend on that contraption you hold in your hand; and if you’ve got the right one, then you’re one up on the rest of the field. Some of the most common features you would like to see in the best gaming mouse are the following:

  • Game Play
  • Sensitivity
  • Customization
  • Comfort

Game Play:  One of the major reasons why there can never be a single best mouse is because of the variety of games you can play.  Are you a dedicated first-person shooter?  Or maybe you’re more into role-playing games?  What about real-time strategy games?  Your choice of a mouse will depend mainly on the type of game that you like to play.

Sensitivity:  If you’re into FPS games, tracking sensitivity is a major issue, but has to strike a balance when accuracy counts.  High dots-per-inch (dpi) sensitivity allows for greater speed and precision, but may cause you to miss long-distance targets, or over-scroll through your inventory of weapons.  I would recommend a mouse with on-the-fly dpi adjustment and a dedicated “sniper” button, perfect for those head shots at long range.

Customization:  RTS and MMO games usually require a constellation of commands which your mouse may be hard-pressed to provide.  Your best gaming mouse in this instance is one with enough programmable buttons and memory that will allow you to input your macros and create a profile for a particular game.  Some have the capability of keeping multiple gaming profiles in their memory, something to keep in mind if you are fond of playing different kinds of games.

Comfort:  No matter what your game play is, your comfort is always a serious consideration when choosing the best gaming mouse.  To help keep you playing competitively for hours on end, your mouse should fit like a glove in hand.  Buttons must be positioned to be within easy reach of your thumb and fingers.  Pick one with adjustable weights to help stabilize your mouse during those crucial moments.  Although most mice are right-handed, some are designed to be ambidextrous.

So when you’re choosing what mouse to get, remember these key points.  If you’re an FPS gamer, don’t forget to include that sniper button in your arsenal; but if you’re more of an RTS or MMO kind of guy, remember to have those macro buttons close at hand.

No single mouse can meet your requirements to perfection, and the mouse you will ultimately get will be a fusion of these.  Knowing what qualities and features to look for will help you select the one which most likely will give you hours of fulfilling game play.

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But How to Find the Best Gaming Mouse Then?

To ease your decision on selecting the best gaming mouse, I’ve prepared a comparative chart that includes 18 top gaming mice. I’ve tried my best to include all categories of gaming mice to assist your buying decision. Just refer to the chart below and see what fits your gaming style.




DetailsHand OrientationMax. ResolutionProgrammable ButtonsAmazon RatingConnectivityWeightSensorProfile Storage
Razer DeathAdder 2013 Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse

Both6400 DPI54.2USB Wired105 gOpticalYes
Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse

Right8200 DPI194USB Wired135 gLaserYes
Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse

Right5700 DPI104.2USB Wired153 gLaserYes
Anker Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse

Right5000 DPI114.8USB Wired150 gLaser5
Anker® 8000 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

Right8000 DPI94.7USB Wired140gLaser2
E-3lue Mazer Type-R

Right2500 DPI6*4.5USB Wired158 gOpticalNo
Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless MMO PC Gaming Mouse

Right5600 DPI174Wireless & Wired134 gLaserYes
ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse

Right8200 DPI84.6USB Wired142 gLaserYes
Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Right5700 DPI134.2Wireless & Wired147 gLaser5
E-blue Cobra Juior 1600dpi Gaming Mouse

Right1600 DPI6*4.4USB Wired130 gOpticalNo
Razer Abyssus Optical PC Gaming Mouse

Both3500 DPI34.3USB Wired72 gOpticalNo
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Right8200 DPI204.1USB Wired133 gLaserYes
Razer Naga MMO PC Gaming Mouse

Right5600 DPI174USB Wired135 gLaserYes
Anker Optical Gaming Mouse

Right4000 DPI74.7USB Wired140 gOptical5
Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

Right4000 DPI84.3USB Wired133 gOpticalNo
Razer Mamba Rechargable Wireless PC Gaming Mouse

Right6400 DPI73.4Wireless & Wired136 gOptical / LaserYes
SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse Raw Edition (Rubberized Black)

Both5700CPI74.4USB Wired90 gLaserNo
Corsair Vengeance M65 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse

Right8200 DPI84.2USB Wired145 gLaserYes

Included in the table are 9 columns:

  • Name, Price & Image – (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Hand Orientation – Most are right handed mice while few are ambidextrous.
  • Maximum Resolution – High DPI matters a lot during intense gaming situations.
  • Programmable Buttons – Having more programmable buttons eases game play.
  • Amazon Rating – The average user rating on This gives you an idea about the popularity of a product.
  • Connectivity Choices – Wired vs Wireless
  • Weight – Gaming mouse weight in grams.
  • Sensor – Optical or Laser
  • Profile Storage – Unique feature that allows you to save your individual gaming profiles.

*Buttons aren’t programmable.


Top 5 Gaming Mouse Reviews

Honestly, all the above gaming mice are great fit for all your gaming needs. However, as we all have different taste, I’ve decided to do a quick review of the top 5 gaming mice below.


The 2013 version of the highly-popular DeathAdder series offers few innovations from its predecessors, proof-positive of the saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If you’re into serious FPS play, you would know that the DeathAdder series ranks among the top gaming mice of this genre.  Through the years other brands have managed to put out models to challenge its dominance, but Razer seems unfazed and retains much of the original DeathAdder features with minimal but significant improvements in its 2013 edition.

The best upgrade feature is its 4G optical sensor, maxing out at 6400 dpi, the first of its kind among gaming mice.  Paired with Razer’s proprietary software Synapse 2.0, sensor calibration is a breeze, whether using pre-set mouse mats or manual customization tweaks.  On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment is available.  There is also no drift control, allowing for the ability to make subtle but precise movements that greatly increases accuracy during FPS game plays.  Head shots are a breeze with the DeathAdder.

The latest incarnation also retains its famous ergonomic design, but now comes with textured rubber side grips and a rubberized scroll wheel, keeping the Deathadder always firmly under control no matter how aggressively you swipe the mouse during intense situations.

Don’t let its relatively light weight fool you; despite the absence of weight controls the DeathAdder is quite comfortable to play with. Razer also retained the 5-button format, keeping things simple and functional.  Its matte finish gives it a classy and elegant look and feel.

There is also a left handed version of the 2013 edition, perfect for left-handed gaming with the same ergonomic comfort of the traditional right-handed models.

In all, Razer has done well with its latest DeathAdder line, which seasoned users will surely appreciate and new gamers will come to enjoy.

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I have always been wary of wireless mouse game play.  Call me old school, but I do like the feel of a wire attached to my mouse.  If you’re the type of gamer whose style of play feels cramped with a tether, this may be the one for you.  The name is misleading, however.  This mouse does come with a detachable wire, so that solves the problem for me.

As most gaming mice go, I’d have to say that the G700 is fairly average.  It has a laser sensor, and maximum resolution has been clocked at a fairly decent 5700 dpi.  On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment is available.  But again, nothing to get excited about.

The G700 has 13 programmable buttons for single-action or macro-intense games.  What’s nice about the G700 is the precise positioning of these buttons, allowing you to play by feel and instinct rather than to have to consciously memorize which buttons to click.

The wheel also has side-to-side movement capability, which you can count as two additional buttons; on the negative side, even the slight leftward or rightward movement while scrolling up and down the wheel might give you a headache or two especially in tense gaming situations, as these buttons are quite sensitive.

The over-all mouse curvature is distinctively a Logitech design and is rather comfortable.  The G700 has a matte finish for that premium look.  Its textured surface allows for a firmer handling especially along the sides, although it doesn’t beat the rubberized surfaces available in other brands.

To be fair, game play does not suffer much whether in wired or wireless mode.  Playing wireless does however give you a distinct advantage as it automatically charges the battery for uninterrupted play.  Full-speed is comparable whether using the wire cable or USB Nano receiver.

Altogether, not a bad mouse to have for your RTS and MMO games at a fairly reasonable price.

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Two words describe Razer’s Naga Series:  awesomely wicked!  And Razer’s Naga Epic continues to live up to this award-winning tradition.

The Razer Naga is specifically designed to optimize your MMO-based game play experience.  Its main arsenal is the 17 (count ‘em!) MMO-optimized buttons that allows you to access more abilities and macros (more than you actually need, but who’s complaining right?).  12 of these buttons are conveniently located in the thumb-grip. All of these buttons are fully programmable, with all 17 buttons capable of macro assignation.  The thumb-grid buttons also work in Basic and Advanced modes; the only complaint is that the switch is situated in the underside of the mouse.

The Epic takes these a notch higher by providing the mouse a dual-mode wired/wireless capability, allowing you untethered freedom during game play.  Wireless play is seamless, without sacrificing mouse control or accuracy.  Recharging the battery can also be done wired (through a USB port) or wireless (via a charging dock).

The Epic’s ergonomic design gets an added boost with the inclusion of three interchangeable (right) side panels, from classic grip, you can convert  to a palm or claw grip, allowing you  to choose one which best fits your grip and style of play.  A semi-matte finish adds character to the Epic’s look.

Precision is guaranteed with a 1000MHz polling rate, although at this setting CPU use is rather high in order to maintain smooth operation.  You might want to dial down to 500 MHz when using laptops or low-powered PCs.

Configuring the Naga Epic is done through Razer’s Synapse 2.0, after downloading the driver from its website.  Button, Performance, Profiles, Macros, Lighting and Power Settings are all managed and customized through this utility for the ultimate gaming experience.

Definitely a high-end gaming mouse, and its price mirrors this.  But for the serious MMO gamer, it’s definitely worth it.

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Coming from a company put up by gamers, it’s not hard to understand why this mouse is something gamers can truly appreciate.

It has an ergonomically designed body, which fits snugly under your pal.  Your fingers rest comfortably, with buttons within easy reach.  A rubberized thumb-rest can be found at the left side of the mouse.  The mouse does not have the feel of cheap plastic; the high-quality material doesn’t leave you with sweaty palms even during intense game play.

The package comes with a set of weights that helps achieve a great balance of the mouse per user specification and comfort.  Weight adjustment is easy; just add or remove weights until it feels right for you.  The underside of the Anker mouse is designed to glide effortlessly along any surface, although optimum results come with the use of mouse pads.  These features vastly increase accuracy and precision by providing the user greater control of the mouse.

Lighting and colors can be adjusted to fit the user mood and profile, and 16M colors are available to choose from.

Living up to its title, this Anker mouse boasts of an 8000 dpi high-precision laser sensor with four adjustable dpi profiles, on-the-fly dpi adjustment capability.  It has 9 fully programmable buttons that will surely delight the avid gamer.

Initial installation may require downloading the drivers via the Anker website.  Setting up may be a bit daunting and confusing at first, but everything from scroll speed to lighting colors is fully programmable.  Even the most macro-intensive game can be easily handled by this baby.

The Anker mouse lives up to its rather long name (talk about truth in advertising!).  All of the qualities are more than adequately demonstrated, and at its price, is a great all-around gaming mouse.

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Logitech’s G500 is the newest iteration of venerable G5 Laser mouse, an award-winning mouse from 2007.

It has kept most of its award-winning features and added some tweaks to make it more competitive in today’s market.  The trademark Logitech mouse body design that allows for a firm grip and comfort is still prominently featured in the G500.  Adjustable weights with its weight kit are part of the G500 package, as well as the ergonomically placed buttons.  Button customization is likewise available.

So What’s New?

Although dpi settings of 2000 dpi will suffice for most games, competing brands have consistently pushed the envelope higher, trying to put one up over the rest.  And Logitech is not about to concede to its competition.  The G500 now boasts of a maximum 5700 dpi laser sensor to match the latest offerings of Razer or Microsoft in this class.  Coupled with its 1000MHz polling rate, this makes for some sleek game play.

The on-board memory has been increased in the G500, but not by much.  The designation “programmable” might be a bit misleading, as its storage space is just about enough to fit for one profile in the system.

Curiously, Logitech has included its dual-mode scroll wheel in the G500, giving the user a choice between ratchet-type scroll and a free-wheeling one, although this feature seems more useful for standard productivity use, as in scanning lengthy documents, rather than in game play where precision control is the norm.

For its price, I would probably recommend the G500 as more of an entry-level gaming mouse.  It’s something for a casual gamer who would like to have more game control over standard mice.  But a more serious gamer would probably opt for a higher-end mouse to satisfy his blood lust, gaming-wise.

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My personal vote goes for Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouseas it is currently the number one best selling gaming mice at More than 1600 customers have reviewed this gaming mouse and around 939 of them have given 5 star reviews meaning they have really loved this mouse. It comes from the brand of Razer which is the world leader in gaming related accessories.

However, you don’t have to believe my words. Just refer to the comparative gaming mouse chart above and determine which is the best gaming mouse for you!

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