What Are the Top 5 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Since you have arrived on this page, you might have already known the importance of having a gaming mouse in order to level up your gaming experience. But, of all the gaming mice out there, which one should you choose? Which one will suit you best?

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To help you with the decision, we have enlisted 5 of the best wireless gaming mouse in the gaming mouse industry. And now, you might be wondering why you should choose wireless mouse over wired mouse. Here is why.

Advantages of a Wireless Gaming Mouse

The choice between a wireless and a wired gaming mouse really depends on your gaming needs. If comfort is what you are looking for, you are best suited with a wireless mouse. In the past, many have criticized wireless gaming mice because they cause lag and take too slow to send in movement data. However, in today’s technology, that scenario has been turned upside down. Wireless gaming mouse are now as fast as the wired gaming mouse thanks to a lot of technological innovations made available.

And if you have a really large computer screen and want to control it from afar, you are best with a wireless gaming mouse – you are freed from the clutters of cords and cables, thereby increasing your comfort and productivity within the game. Isn’t it nice to play a game holding a free mouse? You don’t have that feeling that you are tied up in your computer.

5 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

So, here are the 5 best wireless gaming mouse that has been proven by a lot of professional gamers in the world.


Razer Mamba Rechargable Wireless PC Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse features a high class wireless technology that enables it to function as smoothly as it does when it is corded. With a 4G Dual Sensor System, equipped with both laser and optical sensors, the Razer Mamba is ensured to be well calibrated that it ensures exceptional pinpoint tracking no matter what the surface type is.

Moreover, this mouse gives you the added functionality of being able to configure the cutoff distance that allows you to manage lift offs – a vital thing that allows you to have better control over your gaming. And if customization is what you’re looking for, Razer Mamba glows with style. Hence, this adds to the reason why it belongs to the 5 best wireless gaming mouse available.


Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Logitech’s G700, being one of the best wireless gaming mouse in the store, boasts of its full speed wireless technology that transmits 1,000 data reports per second that promises you a game play with no lags and dropouts. Moreover, with 13 programmable buttons strategically placed, you can execute complex macros with just a single click. Surely, that is something you would want when playing MMOs or any other fast-paced, action-packed games.

The G700, like any other wireless gaming mouse, does run out of battery. However, Logitech has added a feature that allows the gaming mouse to recharge while you plug it in, with a quick-connect design plug in cord, and continue on playing. That equates to long hours of fun without any power distraction – surely a gaming mouse worth having.


Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 Professional Wireless Gaming Mouse

With just the looks of this gaming mouse, you can say for sure it really has a lot to offer. The R.A.T.9, having its Zero Latency 2.4Ghz Wireless technology and a Wireless Receiver/Recharge dock, this gaming mouse sure earned its spot among the 5 best wireless gaming mouse.

Furthermore, Mad Catz added a special feature called the Precision Aim Mode which they designed specifically for FPS gamers that allows them to snipe with ease and get that headshot. With 6 programmable buttons and 3 Cyborg modes, your gaming will never be the same. You’ll always feel on top.


Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless MMO PC Gaming Mouse

This wireless gaming mouse, as the name implies, is specifically designed for MMO players. With 17 MMO-optimized buttons, you can access more of your character’s abilities and execute cool macros. Moreover, this Razer Naga ensures that you can play according to your grip style with its interchangeable side panels.

And with its Dual Mode (wired/wireless), you can play as to where you are more comfortable with. Both modes work as good as the other one thanks to true gaming grade wireless technology.


Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse

As cool as its name sounds, the Razer Orochi features cool features giving it the title as one of the best wireless gaming mouse. With its Razer Precision 3G Laser Sensors, this gaming mouse boasts its 4000 dpi that allows movement speeds up to 5 times the average 800 dpi regular gaming mouse. Moreover, its simple yet elegant design attracts a lot of gamers. Also, its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity that is compatible with most laptops ensures a hassle-free wireless convenience.

Now, with the top 5 wireless gaming mouse enlisted above, the final choice as to which among those five is best for you relies on your judgment. Choose what best suits your grip style, gaming style and the type of game you usually play. Just keep in mind that getting the best wireless gaming mouse is not about looking at its looks or its price, it all depends on what suits you.

Just imagine yourself that you are about to go on a long journey in-game and ask yourself which of them will be a worthy companion? It may sound geeky, but it does help. Your gaming mouse is your companion within the game. Your innate skill on the game gets affected by the mouse you bring as to a swordsman’s skills are affected by the type of sword he wields.

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